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DVD | Keyboards In Contemporary Praise & Worship


Image of DVD | Keyboards In Contemporary Praise & Worship

Whether you're part of a band or play solo keyboards, this 90-minute video will increase your skill in playing contemporary praise and worship. Combined with its supplemental workbook, it will broaden your stylistic comfort zone and give you a new perspective on ministering as a musician.

The chapters on the DVD include:
◦ Voicings
◦ Vamps
◦ Voice leading
◦ Simplicity vs. Busyness
◦ Experimenting with the melody
◦ Playing add2 chords
◦ Creating melodic motion
◦ Melodies & Modulation
◦ Make it your own
◦ The internal clock
◦ That common rhythm
◦ Keys in a rhythm section
◦ Acoustic guitar & Keyboard
◦ Creating string parts
◦ Playing pad sounds
◦ "No eye has seen"
◦ R&B grooves, Motown sound
◦ Layering sounds
◦ Harmonic excursions
◦ Modulations (half step)
◦ Modulating up a whole step
◦ Remember Saul